Sumter County, Alabama
Site 1: York (Participation Dates: Oct. 4, 5, 6)
Location: York City Hall/York Hightower Center Complex
                607 2nd Avenue
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- A variety of vendors including clothes, furniture, jewelry, handbags, home  
  accessories, clothing accessories,
- Food including catfish, whiting fish, sandwiches, dinners with side selections
  of baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, bread, cake) sodas, and water.
- Homemade pork skins and cracklins.
Look for directional signs in the downtown area.
Contact Number: 205-392-5231 at City Hall

Site 2: York (Participation Dates: Oct. 4,5,6)
Location:  Mary's Boutique, one block off of Highway 17
              201 Short Street, York
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Ladies apparel (dresses, suits, blouses, pants, skirts, jewelry, usher suits,
leggings), men suits, bow ties and neckties
Contact Numbers: 205-392-7003 or 205-392-6040

Site 3: York (Participation Dates: Oct. 4,5,6)
Location: 515 Rumley Road, York, (1 mile of off Highway 17)
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Linens, dishes, jewelry, bedspreads, whatnots, wall art, lamps, and pillows
Social Media on Facebook: Ramona Carney
Contact Number: 205-469-7281

Site 4: York (Participation Dates: Oct. 4,5,6)
Location: A World of Diva's clothing boutique
             503 1st Avenue, York, right on Highway 17
Google Map Link:
Jumpsuit, dresses, pant sets, sunglasses
Social Media on Facebook: A World of Diva's
Contact Number: 205-301-9511

Site 5: York (Participation Dates: 4,5,6)
Location: 432 Country Club Road, York
Google Map Link:
Clothes, toys, household items, food
Contact Number: 205-499-9872    205-609-8567

Site 6: Emelle (Participating Dates: Oct. 4, 5, 6)
Location:  30765 Alabama Highway 17, Emelle
Google Map Link:
Furniture, dishes, Christmas ornaments, small appliances, knick-knacks,
Contact Number: 205-499-0016

Site 7: Emelle (Participating Dates: Oct. 4,5,6)
Location: 31588 Alabama Highway 17, Emelle
Google Map Link:
Antique furniture, clothes, homemade items
Social Media on Facebook: Margret Sheilds

Site 8: Highway 17, (South on 17 outside of York)
        (Participation Dates: 4,5,6)
Location: The Stone House, Highway 17
             6090 AL Highway 17,
Mile Marker 131
             (This is known as Intercourse, Alabama)
Google Map Link:
Antiques, tools, shop equipment, household items, etc, Water and Drinks
Social Media on Instagram: the_stonehouse_farm
Contact Number: 205-499-0742


1. Larkin's Deli: 1104 4th Ave,Highway 11, York, AL
Google Map Link:
Phone Number: 205-392-9988

2. Rooster's Cafe: 115 North Broad Street, Highway 17, York, AL
Google Map Link:
Phone Number: 205-652-6032
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