Marion County, Alabama
Site 1: Hamilton (Participation Dates: Oct. 4 and 5)
Location: Hamilton Community Outdoor Track on Highway 17
          561 6th Street SW
Google Map Link:
A variety of vendors. This Community Track will be open for participants
to locate their "curbside" sales. Restroom available to the public and ADA
access to picnic pavilion.
Social Media on Facebook: Hamilton Area Chamber of Commerce
Contact Number: 205-921-7786 (Text Message)
                          205-921-2121 (City Hall)

Site 2: Hamilton (Participation Dates: Oct. 4 and 5)
Location: Heritage Chevron, 1-mile off of Highway 17
           1705 Military Street South, Hamilton
Google Map Link:
Gas, soda, candy, chips and a full line of Breakfast and Lunch Hot Bar that
starts at 5 a.m. and ends at 8 p.m. Some of the BEST food in town!!! Our
hot bar is a buffet style bar with a lot of great choices to pick from.
Social Media on Facebook: Heritage Chevron
Contact Number: 205-430-2119

Site 3: Hamilton (Participation Dates: Oct. 4, 5)
Location: 1662 Sentry Road, Hamilton, 2.8 miles off of Highway 17
Google Map Link:
Clocks, Hamilton railroad watches, truck tool boxes, furniture, Yamaha
UTV, miniature horse cart, home decor, collectibles, clothes, baby items,
dishes, printer, tools, art/prints, shoes, and lots of other items.
Contact Number: 205-468-0494

Site 4: Hamilton (Participation Dates: Oct. 4, 5, 6)
Location: Hamilton Walking Track (behind football field)
              595 6th Street SW, Hamilton, Mile Marker 276
Google Map Link:
Handmade items, household items, clothing, shoes


Holiday Inn, Guin
5750 Highway 44, Guin
            Ask for Highway 17 specialty rate when booking. 205-468-4625
Google Map Link:
Full service hotel, restaurant and lounge, Saturday night all you can eat
seafood buffet.
Social Media Facebook:
Contact Number: 205-468-4625