Lamar County, Alabama
Site 1: Millport (Participation Dates: Oct. 4 and 5)
Location: Downtown Millport on Highway 17
       561 6th Street SW
A variety of vendors.
Contact Number for Millport: 205-662-4228

Site 2: Millport (Participation Dates: Oct. 4 and 5)
Location: Millport Storage
      11707 Highway 96, Millport
Google Map Link:
Household items, antiques, cast iron items of all types
Contact Number: (text) 205-431-6842

Site 3: Detroit (Participation Dates: Oct. 4 and 5)
Location: Hamilton House Homestead
       65506 Highway 17, Detroit
Google Map Link:
Antiques, vintage items, primitive and general household items
Social Media on Instagram: Hamilton House Homestead

Site 4: CITY OF VERNON pubic location (Participation Dates: Oct. 4,5,6)
   Vernon Horse Park
   43980 Highway 17, Vernon
Google Map Link:
A variety of booth and yard sale items.
If you would like to have a booth with at the City of Vernon community yard sale
location, please call Vernon City Hall at 205-695-7718

Site 5: Vernon (Participation Dates: Oct. 4 and 5)
Location: Falkner Antique Mall
       314 1st Street NE, 1-block off of Highway 17 in Vernon
Google Map Link:
Antiques and collectibles
Contact Number: 205-695-9841

Site 6: Vernon (Participation Dates: Oct. 4, 5, 6)
Location: Mimi's Frozen Custard
       44925 Highway 17, Vernon (Across from US Post Office)
Google Map Link:
Multiple booths will be set up, different families- outdoor tools, fishing rods, tools,
toys, antiques, glassware, kids clothes, adult clothes
Contact Number: 205-712-8413

Site 7: Sulligent  (Participation Date: Oct. 5)
Location: Crosby's Coon Hunting & Feed Supply/Crosby Auto Sales
             5901 Highway 278, Sulligent, (1/4 mile off of Highway 17)
Google Map Link:
Formal Pageant or Prom Gowns, scrubs, lots of women and teen clothes, shoes,
household items, furniture, lots of good items with CHEAP PRICES
Contact Number: 205-712-0597

Site 8: Vernon (Participation Dates 4,5,6)
Location: 120 Clearmon Road, Vernon
Google Map Link:
Iron skillets, clothes, toys, Halloween costumes and much more.
Contact Number: 205-712-3247